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Why B2B Brand Awareness is Critical in 2020

On this episode of The Marketing Cave, Carter explains the power of B2B branding and how that brand awareness can set you apart from your competitors in 2020.

3 Sales & Lead Gen Tactics You Can Implement Right Now

Do you have a short timeline to hit revenue goals? Preparing for a big push in the coming months? In this episode, Carter covers 3 tactics that you can implement quickly to get your sales pipeline filled to the brim.

Paid Media or Content Marketing: How to Choose

No company is exactly the same, therefore no marketing strategy is the same. We've found that aligning your marketing efforts (especially when first starting your marketing) with your goals is key. You've got to find the right marketing channel(s) to achieve your objectives.

Marketing Pros and Cons: In-house, Agency, or Freelancers

Trying to determine the best route for growing your marketing efforts can be difficult. In this episode, Carter lays out the different benefits and downsides to all three of the most common options: in-house, agency, or freelancers.

Did Peter McKinnon Hack Community Marketing?

In this episode of The Marketing Cave, Host Carter Severns awards Peter Mckinnon the big gold marketing star that doesn't exist (you're welcome, Pete). Did Peter hack the community marketing model or did it just fall into place for him?

How to use Paid Media with Inbound Marketing

On this episode of The Marketing Cave, we take a high-level look at the different paid media platforms we use along with our inbound strategies to expedite growth and exposure for your campaigns.

What Lil Nas X & Tesla's Marketing have in Common

Confused by the title? Just listen and it will all make sense. Lil Nas X & Tesla have more in common in their marketing strategy than you would think.

How to Leverage In-House Experts to Create Original Content

If you're just googling a topic, collecting the information and then putting it into a blog, you're wasting your time. You've got access to experts, use them to make your content marketing strategy better than your competitors.

The Importance of Customer Feedback Optimization with HubSpot's Kevin Dunn

HubSpot's Kevin Dunn takes us to school on leveraging customer feedback to drive change within an organization.

Developing Buyer Personas that are Crucial to Your Marketing Strategy

On this episode of the Marketing Cave, Carter takes you through the process of developing buyer personas, why they are so critical to the success of your marketing campaigns, and how to actually develop these personas.

6 Tips for Growing Your Marketing Career

On this episode of The Marketing Cave, Carter shares his 6 tips for growing your marketing career. Where you want your career to go is the foundation, but there is more to it than that.

What is The Marketing Cave podcast?

On this inaugural episode of The Marketing Cave, hosted by Creative Cave’s VP of Marketing, Carter Severns, he dives into the specifics of what this new marketing podcast is all about. Carter shares the answers to your three burning questions: Who is Carter? Who is Creative Cave? And what is this podcast all about?

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